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UK tax returns, planning & compliance

At Ingleton Partners we deliver UK tax services to private clients, high-net worth individuals, directors, property/land owners and those with complex tax setups. We specialise in the preparation of tax returns for both UK residents and non-residents including, those that are not UK domiciled. We see the process of filing a tax return as more than a means to meet your filing obligations but a chance to review your assets and investments and assess their tax efficiency.

Best in Class Tax Services

We’re ideally placed to review your personal tax affairs to ensure you meet all your compliance requirements as well as recommend ways to reduce your liability to Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax. We pride ourselves on being proactive for our clients; providing a range of tax services, from simple year end planning in both the UK and the US, helping entrepreneurs in establishing the best entity through which to trade to complex estate and remittance planning.

We can provide specialist non UK domicile tax planning to assist in effectively shielding their offshore income as well as helping them bring money from offshore to the UK in the most tax efficient manner. We will help you to understand the rules around monies held offshore, the definition of a remittance and how to make the most your planning opportunities.

Taxation of those not domiciled in the UK (non-doms)

We act as specialist tax advisors for those who consider themselves domiciled outside of the UK. Our team will help you to understand your obligations and how to file a tax return if you wish to make a claim for the remittance basis and shield your overseas income and gains from tax.

We can assist individuals in considering their domicile, deciding whether they can claim the remittance basis or automatically qualify and for those long term residents establish whether it is beneficial to pay the remittance basis charge. From 6 April 2017 there are new rules on becoming deemed UK domiciled, rebasing and potentially advantageous foreign trust rules.

Where it is more beneficial to file on the arising basis, our experience of UK domiciled taxation allows us to understand the complications of reporting foreign income and gains. In particular, the impact of offshore investment accounts, foreign funds, partnerships and companies, foreign trusts and, for US taxpayers, the interaction with US taxes.

We can help with

  • Private client and personal tax advice
  • Tax returns, compliance and planning
  • Inheritance tax and family wealth management
  • Trusts and estates
  • Domicile and residency filings
  • Expatriate tax advice for US and overseas citizens living in the UK
  • Emigration, including tax advice for British citizens living or working overseas
  • Personal tax investigations

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David Holmes

Let us assist with your UK taxes

"The UK tax regime for those from outside the UK has got hugely more complicated. Let us help ease the burden and bring accuracy and clarity to your affairs."