We can help you with your expat tax returns

Expatriate tax services including US and UK tax returns

Ingleton Partners can assist any US expatriates living outside of the United States regardless of their current location. We are based in London in the United Kingdom, a centre of knowledge and expertise in international tax issues, which we can apply to those living anywhere in the world.

US citizens and green card holders are taxed wherever they are in the world and as such the majority will be required to file a US Tax Return (Form 1040). We can assist you in the preparation of your US tax return, in particular in those situations where your income exceeds the foreign earned income and foreign housing exclusion and you may need to use foreign tax credits.

We assist clients through Europe, the Middle East and Asia in complying with US tax laws.

We additionally assist clients who have left the UK to work overseas in completing their UK tax returns to report UK source income, such as rental income or deferred compensation and make non-resident claims.

If you have questions about your obligations why not check out our Expat Tax FAQs or call the team on 0207 183 2251.

Kerri O'Reilly

We can help you with your expat tax returns

"The international tax rules when you are moving overseas can be confusing. Let us bring some clarity and prepare your tax return so you can focus on the opportunity."