Family Wealth

Looking after the whole family

One of the great aspects of being an independent practice is the chance to get to know our clients and work with the whole family.  We have clients that we have acted for for many years, assisting one, two or three generations, and for these clients we will likely need to work with their other advisers, wealth managers, financial planners,  solicitors, attorneys, personal assistant – the list goes on.

For families with more complex affairs it is important to have the right people to work with you and work together, in our case bringing in the understanding of taxes, so that mistakes are not made and opportunities are not missed.

There is no limit to the service we offer in this area, it will depend entirely on a clients needs but some of the things we do are:

  • Attending investment meetings with your wealth manager to provide tax input
  • Assisting financial planning with tax projections and estimates and consideration of the UK and US tax interaction
  • Being a central point for coordinating and administering your financial documents
  • Reviewing family trust structures of which you or your family may be beneficiaries or want to set up to assess the UK and US tax consequences
  • Overseeing other advisers in relation to trust, company or partnership accounting or implementation
  • Attending regular meetings with your solicitor or attorney and providing support in your estate and will planning

Working with your other advisers and your family we want to help you establish you affairs in a tax efficient manner, preserve your wealth, and set your children on the right path in understanding their tax obligations.

Tom Griffiths

"One of the best aspects of having founded our own firm is being able to do more for our clients, helping with administration, offering support at what can be daunting investment or legal meetings and getting to know their family. Taxes are an expensive part of life so it is important our service is more than just a tax return for these families."